September 2003 - High Wind Wave Session in Gran Canaria


The Proof Crew are enjoying wind and waves in Pozo and Vargas, preparing themselves for the worldcup final in Sylt, Germany. At the beginning of September they had strong north/north-east winds (side shore, using 3.7 - 4.2 m² sails) and waves from 1 to 3 meters.
(Check the Gran Canaria Wind Statistic)

After some very good windsurfing sessions the proof team left for Denmark - to windsurf together with some old friends. Next stop will be Sylt for the last Wave Worldcup event in 2003 to defend or improve there great PWA Wave Worldcup overall results:

Bjorn, ranked #3 in Wave
Orjan, ranked #7 in Wave and #11 in Freestyle
Dario, ranked #13 in Wave






Gear used in these sessions:

Bjorn (95 kg): Proof Rip-line 248, NP Search 4.2
Dario (80 kg): Proof Wave-line 247, Ezzy 4.0
Orjan (65 kg): Proof Wave-line 247, North Instinct 3.7
Gerald (83 kg): Proof Rip-line 244, NP Search 3.9

Orjan with the teamīs new boards for the Sylt Worldcup

Reinhard Müller / IMAGE FACTORY