Bjorn Dunkerbeck presents SALINAS / Gran Canaria

Salinas has a rock boulder reef and works usually with regular trade winds. This spot is best with wind from the north, which is here side-/offshore. To work it needs more than 2 meter waves.

In Salinas you will find two different waves. One backside which allows 3 to 5 turns and one with a front side section where you can do anything between 2 – 6 bottom turns on the same wave. The bigger the wave, the better it will work.

Preferred sail sizes are from 3.7 – 5.8 m².

And now let´s have a look at some action shots from Salinas:

    Sequence: Aerial Backside

Photo 1: I try to aim for the part of the wave where it is starting to break. The more speed you have the higher you go! I then lean on the sail and try to get some wind under the sail for more lift.

Photo 2: Still leaning on the sail I look down to see where I will land!

Photo 3: On the way down it is important to point the nose down with bended knees!

Photo 4: Get ready to land in front or on top of the wave!

Photo 5: Landing with knees still bended for good and nice shock absorbation!

Photo 6: Ready for the next move!

Bjorn, Bottom Turn

Bjorn, Cutback

Orjan, Cutback

Dario, Cutback

Bjorn, Wave 360   Bjorn, Aerial

Gerald, Bottom Turn

Equipment used by Proof Riders:

Proof Rip-line 254
NeilPryde Search 5.0

Proof Wave-line 252
North Instinct 4.5

Proof Wave-line 252, 247
Ezzy Wave 4.7, 4.5

Proof Wave-line 252
NeilPryde Search 4.7

Reinhard Müller / IMAGE FACTORY