Bjorn Dunkerbeck presents POZO IZQUIERDO / Gran Canaria

Pozo Izquierdo is probably Canarias´s best known spot because of its 13 years of worldcup history. If you like airtime there is no place else in the world where you can jump so often and so high. Sometimes we don’t call it jumping anymore - we call it flying.

Pozo has generated some of the best windsurfer in the world because of its great wind and wave conditions. Here you will find wind with 15 - 50 knots on more than 250 days a year! Due to this wind consistency, Pozo has generated some of the best windsurfer in the world. Among them are Daida & Iballa Moreno, Orjan & Vidar Jensen, Marcos Perez, Dario Ojeda, Jonas Ceballos and my sister Britt & me.

Pozo works best on regular trade winds from the north-east. So most of the time the wind is side/onshore. Waves from 1 up to 5 meters, which are breaking to the left side on a sandbank and to the right side on a rock boulder reef, offer a big playground for wavesailors. On flater days Pozo is also suitable for freestyle and slalom. On the rare days where there is no wind or the wind comes offshore, it provides a decent wave for surfing.

And now let´s have a look at some action shots from Pozo:

Sequence: Frontside

Photo 1: Front side turn into the breaking part of the wave!

Photo 2: Take your speed and look where the breaking part of the wave is!

Photo 3: Half way through your turn, keep as much speed as possible!"

Photo 4: Open your sail and get ready to smack the lip!

Photo 5: Cut back as hard as you like. The more speed you have - the better it feels and looks!

Photo 6: You are around coming down with the white water.

Photo 7: Ready for the next move!

Bjorn, Table Top

Bjorn, Backloop

Bjorn, Bottom Turn

Bjorn, Backside

Dario, Backside   Dario, Tabletop

Orjan, Backloop

Bjorn, Backside 360   Gerald, Table Top

Dario, Onehanded Backloop

Orjan, Backside   Gerald, Cutback

Gerald, Tabletop

Bjorn, Aerial   Bjorn, Cutback

Buddies share everything!

Equipment used by Proof Riders:

Proof Rip-line 254, 248
NeilPryde Search 4.5, 4.7, 5.0

Proof Wave-line 252
North Instinct 4.5

Proof Wave-line 252
Ezzy Wave 4.5

Proof Wave-line 252
NeilPryde Search 5.0

Reinhard Müller / IMAGE FACTORY