Bjorn Dunkerbeck presents MOSCA POINT / Gran Canaria

Mosca Point is our pointbreak spot. As soon as there is more than 2 meter waves in Pozo it starts working. As usual - the bigger the waves the better the rides! Anything between 3 - 10 turns on one wave 'down the line' is possible.

The wind direction is side/offshore and the spot works on regular tradewinds. For otimal conditions the swell should come from north or north east.

The wave breaks real close to the shore, that’s the reason why it is so clean on the inside. Take care: wipeouts often end up on the rocks. The last big day we counted 12 broken masts. Preferred sail sizes are from 3.7 – 5.4.

And now let´s have a look at some action shots from

Mosca Point

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rE-11_moscapoint_cutbclose2 E-11_moscapoint_bigentry E-11_moscapoint_bottomt2
E-11_moscapoint_bottomt3 E-11_moscapoint_cutb3 E-11_moscapoint_cutb4
gerald_moscapoint_bottomt E-11_moscapoint_cutb8 E-11_moscapoint_justboa
rE-11_moscapoint_cutbclose E-11_moscapoint_bottomt5

Equipment used by Proof Riders:

Proof Rip-line 254, 248
Proof Wave-Special 252, 247
NeilPryde Search 4.5, 4.7, 5.0

Proof Wave-line 247
NeilPryde Search 4.2

Reinhard Müller / IMAGE FACTORY