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What is Proof and who is behind the name?

Proof produces extremely light and high performance windsurfing boards and surfboards, using full custom technology. Proof, formerly Waterproof, was founded in 1987. Today, Carlos Sosa, Gerald Leikermoser and Bjorn Dunkerbeck own and run the Company's manufacturing facility in Gran Canaria.

Our factory is located between the two world cup hot spots Pozo and Vargas. The wind blows and the waves crash onto the Gran Canaria's shores all year around. This location is the ideal test center, ensuring that our boards are always at the leading edge.

Why Proof boards?

Proof produces some of finest windsurf boards in the world.

Using Organized Full Custom Technology (OFCUT), we are able to deliver to our customers the highest quality at affordable prices.

Click on "Boards" for all the information you need about the characteristics and advantages of Proof boards. Remember, Proof boards are:

"Light and strong, with perfect shape!"

To learn more about Proof's production procedure
Proof Shop Gran Canaria

Why not come to Gran Canaria and enjoy some of the best windsufing conditions to be found anywhere in the world? The climate is outstanding and the island promises to provide a unique experience for all travelers.

During your visit please come and visit our Proof Shop. Orjan Jensen will show you our boards and explain what we do, to make the finest windsurfing and surf boards. We will do our best to answer your questions and give you what help we can. You will also see our test boards, used boards and our special offers.

The Proof Crew

The Shapers

Carlos Sosa
Wave & Freestyle & Super-X
Peter Thommen
X-Series & RS-Series
All the staff, at our Gran Canarian manufacturing facility, are windsurfers and surfers! We now introduce ourselves:

Proof Crew & Friends

Enjoy some recent action shots from PROOF staff members and friends.

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