How can I buy a Proof board?

You can either:

  • Contact your nearest windsurf dealer; or

  • Make a direct order from the Proof Shop in Gran Canaria over the Internet or by phone and fax or in person.
         Shipment to your door with DHL is free of charge and takes only 6 days.

  • Order your board over the Internet, as follows:

    1.  Use this Web page to find your preferred board type. For example, you might choose a Rip Line 250. More information and details concerning all the boards are available by clicking on "Boards"

    2.  You will find the price of your board in our Price List. The prices shown normally include all delivery charges, taxes and insurance. You should incur no further charges or taxes.

    3.  Choose your design, either Neutral, Original, Mano or Logo.

    4.  Choose your board colour. For a two-coloured board choose one colour for the top and a different colour underneath.

    5.  Enter your choice on the Order Form and mail it to us.

    6.  We will send you a pro-forma invoice and your DHL transport number.

    7.  Transfer: Once received, you can transfer in Euro to our bank account, by "Swift Code", the total amount due as shown on the pro-forma invoice.

      Avd. de Canarias 225
      E-35110 Vecindario G.C.

      Account number:
      IBAN: ES07 0075 1153 9505 0003 0602
      Swift-Code: POPU ES MM

    Credit Card: If a transfer to our bank is not possible, please send us your credit card number and validity (valid thru) via email ( or Fax (+34 928 759824).

    8.  Once the money transfer has been confirmed, we will immediately prepare and ship your board. The money transfer normally takes 24 hours.
    All the board models are in stock awaiting final preparation. All we need is your choice of design and colour. It normally takes 5 to 6 days for you to receive your board with DHL Express.

    What is our guarantee?

    All our boards carry a six months warranty. The warranty covers any situation where we may have contributed to a failure in your board. It does not cover normal wear and tear or other damages caused by the incorrect use of the board.

    Damage Repair at the Proof factory

    Please be careful at all times to observe the Care Instructions for Proof boards. Your Proof Board is a durable, but it is also a high performance product, which may fail, if mistreated.

    Should your board become damaged, we will accept the board back in the factory for repair or replacement. If you have bought the board from the Proof Shop, either in person, over the Internet or otherwise, please contact us and we will send you a completed DHL collection form for the return of the board to our factory.

    Upon receipt of your damaged board, we will examine the board and decide, whether or not, we, in any way, contributed to the board's failure.

    - If we have, we will complete a quality repair and return the board to you in top condition. Otherwise and where appropriate, we will replace the board free of charge.

    - If we have not, with your approval, we will repair the board to our usual high standard. We will also service the board free-of-charge and return it to you in a top class condition. You to pay the reasonable cost of repair and transportation.

    Important: De-Lamination can be caused by aeroplane transport or by extreme heat or altitude. Please remember to remove the Air Screw before every flight or other high altitude journey or where board is to be left in the sun for an extended period. (Further informations under Care Instructions).

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