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Carlos Sosa Hi, my name is Carlos Sosa. I have been shaping windsurfing boards for over 20 years - always in search for the perfect board. With my company Proof, I can now bring you Top Quality Windsurf boards in large quantities. Boards that until recently only were available for the Pro's are now available for each and every windsurfer. Click on the Proof button and find out more about the Proof company, including our philosophy, our staff and our production system. We will also tell you why you definitely have to sail Proof boards. Proof boards will open new performance dimensions for you, just as if you put dynamite under your feet! Enjoy our Webpage!

PWA Worldcup 2004
Overall Results

Congratulation to Bjorn on his third place at the PWA Wave Overall 2004 and his speed event victory at Fuerteventura. A big applause also to Orjan Jensen, Proof (13th Wave Overall and 16th Super-X Overall) and Peter Volwater, T1 (6th Wave Overall and 5th Super-X Overall).
  •   1. MC KERCHER, Scott, KA-181
  •   2. JENSEN, Vidar, N-44
  •   3. DUNKERBECK, Bjorn, E-11
  •   6. VOLWATER, Peter, H-24
  • 13. JENSEN, Orjan, E-19
Overall Super-X ranking:
  •   5. VOLWATER, Peter, H-24
  • 16. JENSEN, Orjan, E-19

Resultats and photos from the Worldcup

Speed World Record

October 2004:
Bjorn nearly sets new Open Water World Record

Our Teamriders in Action!

Lots of loaded shots from

Bjorn Dunkerbeck E-11
Orjan Jensen E-19
Michael Viscovich D-0
Frithjof Opsal N-4
Marcos Pérez E-7

Proof Crew & Friends!

Join our competition "Proof & Friends"! Send us by mail your action pictures with a Proof board and we will publish it in our gallery "Proof & Friends". Here you can see the first friends at work.

Our Boards

Here they are: the original Worldcup boards shaped by Carlos Sosa. Our handmade Full Custom Technology boards that inspire not only the Pro's. It doesn't matter if you are into Wave, Freestyle or Freeride boards, choose Proof boards because they are lightweight, durable constructed and have perfect shape.

All models are in stock. You can order directly from the Proof Shop in Gran Canaria using the internet. Our prices include all taxes and delivery charges. Or contact your nearest dealer.

"Light, strong, perfect shape!"

The Search
Bjorn´s surf project!
Follow Bjorn and his friends on their journey to the undiscovered and exotic surf spots in our world.

New double DVD (special edition):
Best Of The Search

Holidays at Gran Canaria

If you are at the moment on Gran Canaria or if you plan to spend your next windsurfing holidays here, then we invit you cordially to visit our Proof-Shop at Vecindario/GC. Here you can have a close look at the actual boards and you will also see our test boards, used boards and our special offers.

You can find usefull links for your stay on Gran Canaria here:

Proof Test Weeks

Come to Gran Canaria and experience the Proof boards. With the purchase of a new Proof board during your stay at Gran Canaria, we offer you one week free accommodation and a testboard without charge. Click here for more information

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