The Search Part 2
The "Search" goes on: Accompany Bjorn and his friends on their trip to the endless coastline of Chile. See how they find perfect down the line conditions in the Australian Outback. Also containing extra spicy ingredients like speedsailing in Fuerteventura, big waves at the north shore of Gran Canaria and jumping action at Pozo.
VHS-Video Cassette or DVD
23,- Euro

Backwash: The proof canary island boarding guide
VHS-Video Cassette
23,- Euro

The Search
Jump on the global search of Bjorn Dunkerbeck
and his friends for never before windsurfed reefs such as
Bali and Mentawai, as well as perfect spots like Fiji, Jaws,
Pozo, Vargas and more. VHS-Video Cassette
23,- Euro