Windsurfing Most Successful Duo Re-unites!

Dunkerbeck & Thommen created the most successful partnership in windsurfing’s history. After a short separation, history is about to be repeated.

With over 30 world titles to their names, Peter Thommen handed Bjorn Dunkerbeck the mantle of most successful windsurfer, and probably world’s most successful athlete of all time.

Back in 2000 Bjorn Dunkerbeck and F2 parted company which intern broke up the perfect partnership of Dunkerbeck/Thommen, sending them in different directions

Bjorn’s direction turned to Carlos Sosa’s custom built boards “Waterproof” on Gran Canaria (the wave & freestyle boards he was already using since 1990) creating their own brand, “Proof” (Worldchampion 2001, PWA WaveVicechampion 2002). Mirroring his sporting achievements, Bjorn never faltered in his “Search” and devotion to the world’s greatest sport.

For three years Peter Thommen continued solo with F2, the time has come for Peter & Bjorn to work together again. With constraints in the past the timing was perfect to re-unite the devastating duo.

Peter Thommen’s perfectionism and 20 years of experience make him the grand-master of shape. With over hundred thousand production and custom boards already carrying his name, it’s time to go the logical next step: “THOMMEN1” in short “T1”.

Windsurfing has become over categorised, forgetting that we just want the best for the day. Peter has been developing 8 non-categorical shapes with an “X” factor - ranging from wave right through to fast free-what-ever boards. The fruits of Peter and his Team’s efforts resulted in a logical board range with ten litre increments. The T1 X-Series was born.

The first 5 boards will be introduced in August 2003, starting with the X65 and moving up through X75, X85, X95, and X105. The X115, X125, and X135 will launch in spring 2004

Bjorn’s World Speed Sailing record attempt plus his ‘new role’ as Windsurfing Ambassador, travelling to all major Speed and Slalom events, provide the perfect development ground for the T1 RS-Series (RennSport) due out in early Spring 2004.

The T1 RS-Series holds 4 dedicated Speed and Slalom Thommen shapes developed by Dunkerbeck, from sub 55cm to 75cm’s widths. New Age/high-tech/high-end racers built with controlled speed in mind. Introduction early spring 2004!

Proof brings 4 hardcore wave and 1 freestyle shaped by Carlos Sosa and developed by Dunkerbeck & his Gran Canaria Team.

Introduction of these production wave boards will be January 2004, with the 100 litre Freestyler expected late spring 2004!

T1 will develop, produce, and market all above boards under it’s wings, please check regularly for information and updates.

All of the above boards plus the Proof Originals are also available in a custom made technology, check for more information.



Reinhard Müller / IMAGE FACTORY