Speed Sailing World Record Attempt
Interview with Bjorn Dunkerbeck

Fuerteventura/GC, August 2002

Q: Why didnít you  brake the record?

A: The main reason was that we didnít have enough wind to take a chance to get close to the existing record. We had 20-30 knots using  sail sizes of 5.8 & 6.2 and boards with 39 cm and 42 cm width. The fastest average speed was  40,5 knots with a top speed on the course up to 43 knots. What we would have needed to brake the record  was wind of  40 -50 knots, enabling us to use the 5.4 and 5.0. m² sails and the boards with  36 cm width. And flat water of course.

Q: How would you describe the last 3 weeks ?

A: It was a lot of fun to go speed sailing again. Most of the days during the last 3 weeks I was on the speed strip sailing between 3-4 hours. Iím very glad to see how efficient our equipment had become. Using a 6.2 sail for example I went over 39 knots several times. With a 5.8 in choppy and wavy conditions I went over 40 knots. So I think, with the appropriate wind, I could have gone dammed fast with a; 5.4 or 5.0 sail.

Q: Which kind of equipment did you use?

A: Together with Carlos Sosa of proof  we designed 8 special speed boards.
4 boards of 264 cm length with 36 cm ;and 39 cm width, all 4 boards having a light concave and a more straight rocker & outline.
4 boards of 263 cm length with 36 cm and 39 cm width, all of those boards having more concave and a rounder rocker & outline.
The boards were produced, as all the proof  boards, in Monocoque Sandwich technology. The board weights were between 4,2 and 4,6 kilos.
Sails: We used the new 2003 RS Race Sails from NeilPryde. Sizes: 6.2 , 5.8, 5.4, 5.0 m². We also tried a foil sail, but it turned out to be too heavy and too stiff. It was worth a try but the regular sails have been far out faster.

Q: Will you try again?

A: Yes I hope to be back on the speed strip as soon as possible. On the Canary islands next summer there is another possibility for strong winds. But who knows - maybe Iíll give it a try somewhere else before that. Now Iím going on "The Search" again to Western Australia and than to the next worldcup in Sylt - Germany, at the end of September.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck

For more information and pictures of the record attempt click here.

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