GRAN CANARIA - Pozo Izquierdo
Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria 9 July to 19 July 2002. Wave and Freestyle Event

Orjan Jensen E-19 * Double Loop *
A Video of the loop can be seen on Orjan´s page

Results Wave Team Proof:
  2 DUNKERBECK, Bjorn, E-11
  5 JENSEN, Orjan, E-19
17 OJEDA NILSEN, Dario, E-211
33 OPSAL, Frithjof, N-4
  Results Freestyle Team Proof:
12 JENSEN, Orjan, E-19
Bjorn in the Wave Competition   Orjan in the Freestyle Competition

"I´m not happy with the second place - definitely not - but under the circumstances it was a tight heat and I did not sail as good as usual. Kevin only beat me once, so at least I can feel that if I had sailed the way I know I can sail, I would have had no problems winning. I have been hoping for a double elimination to come back and beat Kevin, but it never took place. What can I say, of course I am not happy with second but it is better than third - in the end. I am glad that we did get a result. Conditions were not as good as they have been in previous years, but that is the way it goes sometimes. Next time I hope it will be better."

"Now that I am married I am not planning to slow down at all. If anything I am going to step up. It is a step up in life to get married. As Maria and I are expecting to become a little girl at the end of the year, this will also going to be a change for sure. I´m not planning on stopping any of my wave sailing activities or my "Search-Project" () but I will definitely have to organize myself a bit better."

"I'm realy happy with my 5th place in wave competition and I am really sorry that I kicked out my brother Vidar."
<Big Grin>
"In freestyle competiton it was bad luck for me that we couldn't make a 4 th. round so that I could have gone rid of my 17th place of the second round (I had two 9th. and one 17th. ranks). So I ended up 12th. and not under the top 10 which was my goal."

Bjorn   Josh Angulo

Bjorn   Bjorn

Marcos Perez   Orjan

Bjorn, backside

Bjorn   Bjorn

Dario, onehanded backloop

Orjan   Bjorn

Orjan, onehanded funjump

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Fuerteventura   Fuerteventura

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Equipment used by Proof Riders:

Proof Rip-line 250, 254
NeilPryde Search 4.2, 4.5

Proof Wave-line 247, 252
North Instinct 3.2, 3.5, 3.7, 4.0
Proof Freestyle-line 248
North Disco 5.9, North Instinct 5.3

Proof Wave-line 247
Ezzy Wave 3.5

Josh Angulo:
Angulo Comp 247
Ezzy Wave SE 4.2

Reinhard Müller / IMAGE FACTORY
PWA / John Carter

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