Winter Training
in Pozo Izquierdo (GC)

Bjorn, Orjan and Dario prepare themselves for the new saison.


Pozo before action

Bjorn, Aerial

Bjorn, Aerial Entry

Bjorn, Backloop

Orjan, Forward Loop

Bjorn, Pushloop

Bjorn, 360-backside

Bjorn, Cutback

Bjorn, Pushloop

Bjorn, 360-backside

Dario, Onehanded Backloop

Dario, Cutback

Dario, Aerial

Pozo, after action

Equipment used for this session:

Bjorn: Proof Rip Line 254 - Neil Pryde Search 5.4
Orjan: Proof Wave Line 252 - North Voodoo 4.7
Dario: Proof Wave Line 247 - Ezzy Wave 4.7

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Reinhard Müller / IMAGE FACTORY