NORTH SAILS is proud to announce that Bjoern Dunkerbeck will now be pursuing his dreams of a
new world with NORTH SAILS as his partner. Bjoern will continue competing for the speed record,
the wave world title as well as traveling the globe in searching that ultimate location. With slalom on
its way back he is ready to start competing and dominating in that arena also, as he did since almost
20 years as a professional.

How did this come about?

Bjoern Dunkerbeck: "With my friend and former Neil Pryde head tester Jimmy (Diaz) going back to NORTH SAILS, I lost my last communication partner in the sail-development. Hearing of NORTH
SAILS setting up a full RND center in Gran Canaria made me think to be a part of this "new team", because these guys want the same things I do. Due to this unique team building up at NORTH SAILS
with every single member being the best in his field, I thought of leaving Neil Pryde first time ever (after being with them for 15 good and successful years), based more on a commitment than on financial rewards - therefore it's a long-term contract with the goal to make the best sails and innovate through a continuous year round RND cycle.
And in the end it's the team/people at NORTH SAILS, which made the difference for me. With being so closely involved into the NORTH SAILS RND, I'm fully confident and motivated to dominate the speed and racing scene. Plus I like the family atmosphere within the team really pushing each other to the max - this has and will always be my way of working. So now the stage is set and my goals are clear for the future:

• A new speed record pushing 50knots before any other sail craft
• Continue to do the speed tour
• Long distance competitions with 100s of pros and amateurs
• More World Titles in Wave and Slalom/Racing
• Give back what the sport gave to me by motivating people for the greatest sport in the world
• Being involved not only in the Race/Speed development but also in the Freeride development

Raoul Joa (Line Manager): "Bjoern approached NORTH SAILS, as he has the feeling that only NORTH SAILS with its brand position and team perfectly matches with his personal goals: taking the speed record and dominating slalom as soon as it comes back. The NORTH SAILS RND-team will be setting up a RND base in Gran Canaria and therefore first time Bjoern will be 100% involved into the RND. With his unmatched experience Bjoern will be a unique asset for the Speed/Race sail development but also to improve our Freeride sails. NORTH SAILS´ goal is to dominate the windsurfing racing sport as clearly as the brand dominates the yachting race scene. The first clear target is to break the world speed record!"

Kai Hopf (Sail Designer): "Bjoern and my self have known one another over 20 years now. I respect Bjoern as the most professional and successful Windsurfer all times. With the trust Bjoern has placed in our North sails R&D team, including myself, we will without question aim to be the number one brand in the sport."

Now finally it comes together what belongs together! The NORTH SAILS DREAM TEAM is finally a reality and the windsurfing sport can expect more revolutions in product and RND.

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