Almost new Open Water Record - Windsurfing: 44,35 knots
Walvis Bay Speed Week at Namibia, 18-24 October 2004


At the Walvis Bay Speed Week, Namibia, Bjorn Dunkerbeck achieved the best open water time in the new millenium. In 30-35 knot conditions he clocked 44,35 knots, very close to the old open water record by Roddy Lewis. Bjorn (Neil Pryde, Proof/T1) set the record using his production Neil Pryde RS4 Speedseeker 5,8 and his custom T1 SPEED 40 & 45 board from the Proof Factory , Gran Canary. For details on the boards click here.

The Walvis Bay Speed Week will be part of the Speed Windsurfing Grand Prix Tour in 2005. Run by the International Speedsurfing Association, this tour will provisionally include 4 different events with 50,000 euro prize money at each event.

Provisional calendar is as follows:

    - 02-10 April 2005 - South of France
    - 23-31 July 2005 - Canary Islands
    - 15-23 October 2005 - Namibia
    - 19-27 November 2005 - Taiwan

Speed is definately back!!

For more information on Bjorn's speed run, the results of other finishers, and the International Speedsurfing Association, please check:


Photos by ©Cornelia Thiele