DBO ranking event in freestyle
NASA Klitmoeller, Denmark, 19. May 2002

Proof Teamrider Michael Viscovich D-0, second in the wave

The local club, NASA Klitmøller, arranged this year first international NeilPryde Danish Open Wave & Freestyle Cup 2001. There was a very promising weather report for this weekend. Eventually all sailors, NASA Klitmoeller and DBO Wave could now look forward to what should become one of the best weekends for a long time and what Klitmoeller is so well-known for: one of the best wave spots in Europe. For a lot of the sailors this should be their first day with so much wind and of course the small sails and small boards were made ready.Some of the favorites have been travelling during the wintertime but for a lot of sailors this where the first really big day with mast high waves and wind for the smaller boards.

Proof Teamrider Michael Viscovich

The sailors rigged their smallest sails, 3,5 - 4,5 m2. The sailors had a lot of excitement as we had side shore wind, very stable between 18-20 m/s from Northwest and waves between 3 and 5 m and sunshine! It looked like the good old days and especially in 1998 at the Danish championship where there were the same conditions.

The first start at 11:15 and the B-class sailors where the first on the water. They did a very nice job, with high jumps - forwards and really nice wave riding. All spectators loved the show and all sailors impressed with the high level. After a really good start, D-443 Anders Borg took the first place in the B-class and the wildcard Kaare Aagard on the second place. D-238 Peder Kristiansen came in third.

The conditions where getting more and more exciting and all sailors had to fight against the extreme wind conditions and the mast high waves.

Lars Pedersen, Mads Lunoe, Unknown

Just after the final in the B-class the A-class was started. Some spectacular, extreme high push loops where shown and D-511 Allan Bech almost landed an air spock. This extreme manoeuvre is very complicated and only made by very few people in the world. D-62 Robert Sand made some expressive high push loops, D-154 (D-0) Michael Viscovich impressed with nice one-handed back loops, very nice style on the waves and a very high level in jumping. D-2000 Mads Lunoee tried to touch the sky when doing very high back loops and he showed the spectators great action.

D-99 Lars Petersen made some extremely high frontloops and showed a great variety of tricks and nice gu-screws. Unfortunately Lars Petersen got a swim-time worthy an ironman after a hard crash. It turned out later that he had squeezed his ribs. Mads Toemming, in best old-timer style without trapez, sailed out to help Lars to get him and the equipment back to the beach - fast reaction, good to see, Mads! Few minutes earlier D-53 Mads Toemming sailed a nice heat against D-154 Michael Viscovich, in which Mads did some of the highest front- and backloops of the day. Despite these loops Mads was defeated by Michael in a very close duel.

Proof Teamrider Michael Viscovich

D-1111 Finn Noer had a very close heat against D-62 Robert Sand. Despite Finn did a gu-screw and tried a wave-360 Robert took the victory in the early heats thanks to some high pushloops. James Johnsen showed why he is one of the most talented Danish allround sailors and took a fifth position. D-61 Nikolaj Bjørn Eriksen made one of the highest frontloops of that day. It was clear that Nikolaj had trained with Bjoern Dunkerbeck in Pozo. Nikolaj excited the audience with an attempt on a double forward.

Generally the level in the A-class is extremely high and the sailors did not leave the judges much time to note their scores before another nice jump or trick or waveride was pushed. All of the sailors did a great job showing that the level in Denmark is of a very high standard. The result might have changed if the whole double elimination had been sailed. Unfortunately the double elimination was not finished Saturday but it went long enough to count.

Robert Sand, Michael Viscovich, Unknown

Results - Freestyle A-class
Ranking Sailor
1 D-62 Robert Sand
2 D-154 (D-0) Michael Viscovich
3 D-2000 Mads Lunøe
4 D-99 Lars Petersen

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Text: Lars Green
Photos: Christian Mailand