Gran Canaria June 2002 - What a month!

No day without wind! All day out working!

Have a look at the incredible wind statistic for this month!
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Bjorn flying his new board

Orjan, Dario

The Jensen "Twins" 

Bjorn, Orjan

Bjorn, taking off! 60 knots - 111 km/h Wind!!Dario, Orjan, Gerald

Gerald, Orjan



Gear used in this session:

Bjorn: Board Rip-line 250 & 246, Sail NP Search 3.9 4.2 4.5
Orjan: Board Wave-line 247 & 252, North Instinct 4.2
Dario: Board Wave-line 247, Sail EZZY 3.7 4.2
Gerald: Board Rip-line 246, Sail NP Search 3.8 4.2


Reinhard Müller / IMAGE FACTORY
Klaus Bommer
Dani Miguel (Foto of Bjorn taking off)