Summertime blues in Guincho

PWA Worldcup in Guincho, Portugal, June 2005

We in Gran Canaria are used to very strong winds, coming from the left-hand side. So Guincho with it´s weaker winds from the right-hand side was quite a new sensation for us. Due to the conditions the results of the Proof team was not quite satisfying. But we promise to work hard to improve in next year's contest.

Team Proof at work in Guincho

Orjan and Marcos with their new boards



Bjorn 360


New Proof Boards


Bjorn E-11 using Rip-line 62 and Rip-line 59 with North sails Instinct 6.2 and 5.8m²

Marcos Perez E-7 using Wave-line 57 with Gun sails 5.3m2 and 5.0m²

Orjan Jensen E-19 using Wave-line 54.5 and North sails Instinct 5.3m2 and 5.0m².

© Victor Couto