Bjorn Dunkerbeck presents GALDAR / Gran Canaria

Galdar is our spot on the north shore of Gran Canaria. Here you will very often have big waves, but it will provide enough wind only when a low pression system is passing through (mainly in the wintertime).

The spot works best on north west and north swell and the waves are very powerfull, since there is nothing in the way of the swell entering directly from the open Atlantic.

Take care: This is a dangerous spot recommended for specialists only!

And now let´s have a look at some action shots from Galdar

Sequence: Dario´s big wipeout

Photo 1: After riding some good waves I decided to take the biggest wave of the set. I waited for the wave to start breaking behind me in order to get more speed - I wanted to hit the lip with very powerfully after my bottomturn.

Photo 2: During my bottomturn I calculated the breaking zone of the wave. I wanted to hit the lip as late as possible for my aerial, to recive all the power from the wave.

Photo 3: Sometimes the section of the wave breaks faster than you think – f***!

Photo 4: The last thing I could do was to play 'Superman'! Don’t try it at home! And never let go your gear!


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E-11_galdar_bottomt1 E-11_galdar_bottomt2 E-11_galdar_bottomt3
E-11_galdar_cutback1 E-11_galdar_cutback2 E-11_galdar_cutback3
E-11_galdar_dangerzone1 E-19_aerial2 E-19_aerialsequ1
E-19_aerialsequ2 E-19_aerialsequ3 E-19_cutback1
E-211_galdar_aerial1 E-211_galdar_aerial2 E-211_galdar_aerial3
E-211_galdar_aerial4 E-211_galdar_bottomt2 E-211_galdar_bottomt5
E-211_galdar_cutback1 E-211_galdar_cutback2 galdar
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Equipment used by Proof Riders:

Proof Rip-line 254, 248
Proof Wave-Special 252,247
NeilPryde Search 4.5, 5.0, 5.4

Proof Wave-line 252
North Instinct 4.7

Proof Wave-line 247
Ezzy Wave 4.7

Wave-line 252
NeilPryde Search 5.0

Reinhard Müller / IMAGE FACTORY
Klaus Bommer (video filming)