Gran Canaria, August 2005

Summer 2005 in Gran Canaria:
Lots of wind, waves and fun!

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PWA Worldcup in Portugal
Port Guincho , June 2005

Proof Team rider test their new boards at the Guincho PWA Worldcup.

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Eleazar Alonso Sanchez E-41 joins Proof
Gran Canaria, May 2005

Proof is proud to announce that 17 year old Eleazar Alonso Sanchez, E-41, is joining the Proof Rider Team. Eleazar will be the young spirit in our successful team.

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Successful Proof Teamriders at the Speed Worldcup in France
Port St. Louis , April 2005

Proof Team rider show their speed!. Bjorn second, Thorsten forth at the first speed event in 2005.

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Wintertime in Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria, Winter 2005

During the winter 2005 the Proof Crew & Friends - Orjan, Fritti, Kristoffer, Kilen ... - were having a lot of fun, enjoying wind and waves in their back yard in Gran Canaria´s coastel waters. The following pictures were taken at spots like Mosca Point, Aguila Playa ...

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Bjorn changes his sails
Gran Canary , March 2005

Bjorn becomes new team-member of the
international North-Sails-Team

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Bjorn sets new Open Water World Record
Walvis Bay, Namibia

At the Walvis Bay Speed Week, Namibia, Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Neil Pryde, Proof/T1) has nearly set a new open water World Speed Record for windsurfing boards at 44,35 knots.

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Bjorn breaks 24 years old Weymouth Speed Week Record
Great Britain , October 2004

With a hunger to break all speed records Bjorn breaks the 24 years old record at the Wymouth Speed Week

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Proof & T1 at the PWA Worldcup 2004
Leucate-Costa Brava-Lanzarote-Fuerteventura-Pozo-Sylt 2004

We had a very successfull 2004 season with overall rankings
Wave: 3. (Bjorn), 6.(Peter), 13. (Orjan) and 
Super X: 5.(Peter), 16.(Orjan).

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Springtime in Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria, Spring 2004

Team Proof enjoying wind and waves in their back yard.

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Low Pressure - High Winds
Juan Grande, Gran Canaria, February 2004

At the 19th and 20th of February a huge low pressure front hit Gran Canaria! Bjorn, Orjan and Vidar went out in Juan Grande and had great fun!

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PWA Grand Slam Final in Sylt 2003
Sylt - Germany, September 2003

A thrilling final: Team Proof tops a very successfull saison with overall rankings 2 (Bjorn), 6 (Orjan) and 24 (Dario).

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September 2003 - High Wind Wave Session in Gran Canaria
bjorn dunkerbeck Pozo/Vargas, Gran Canaria, September 2003

The Proof Crew are enjoying wind and waves in Pozo and Vargas, preparing themselves for the worldcup final in Sylt, Germany.

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PWA Grand Slam in Pozo 2003
Pozo Izquierdo - Gran Canaria, June/July 2003

Most successfull: Team Proof and Gran Canarias local windsurfers: Bjorn 3rd in Wave, Orjan 7th in Wave & 10th in Freestyle. Dario 13th in Wave beating Wave Worldchampion Kevin Pritchard.
Fuerteventura Freestyle Worldcup: Orjan finishes 10th!
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Proof Teamrider Dario Ojeda wins Vargas Wave Event
dario ojeda Vargas, Gran Canaria, July 2003

Proof teamrider Dario Ojeda, E-211, wins the "1. Open Domingo Alonso Servicio - Playa de Vargas" Wave event of the VW Comerciales Windsurf Tour '03.

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Board & Sail Test
Maui / Canary Islands

Bjorn is testing his new gear! He is also preparing himself for the speed record challenge!

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Windsurfing Most Successful Duo Re-unites!
thommen Gran Canaria, June 2003

Shaper Peter Thommen, Board Producer & Shaper Carlos Sosa and Worldcup Rider Bjorn Dunkerbeck announce their new partnership. Beginning in August 2003 Thommen and Proof will present a brandnew "production-line" of windsurf boards.

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After Vargas Worldcup Session in Gran Canaria
Canary Islands May 2003

Bad luck: 2 days after the end of the PWA contest in Vargas
wind and waves are back!

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PWA Worldcup 2003: Freestyle Qualifier Tarifa
orjan jensen Orjan proofs it again!

Tarifa, April 2003
Proof Teamrider Orjan Jensen starts successfull into new saison
ending up 3rd in the saison´s opening freestyle event
and 5th in the second event!
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Gran Canaria Windsurf Spots: GALDAR
Canary Islands 2003

Bjorn shows you the spot on the northshore: Galdar
Also showing the sequence of Dario´s big wipeout.

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Gran Canaria Windsurf Spots: MOSCA POINT
Canary Islands 2003

Bjorn shows you the secret spot of MOSCA POINT
where wipeouts often end up on the rocks!

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Gran Canaria Windsurf Spots: POZO
Canary Islands 2003

Bjorn shows you his home spot Pozo.
Also showing the sequence of a Frontside

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Gran Canaria Windsurf Spots: SALINAS
Canary Islands 2003

Bjorn shows you the Wave spot Salinas.
Also showing the sequence of an Aerial Backside.

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Gran Canaria Windsurf Spots: VARGAS
Canary Islands 2003

Bjorn shows you the Worldcup spot Vargas.
See how he does a Wave Backside 360°.

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PWA Wave Worldcup 2002
Ireland, October 2002

Congratulation to Bjorn for his Vice Wave World Champion title.
A big applause also to our team for their great overall results:
  2. DUNKERBECK, Bjorn, E-11
  4. ANGULO, Josh, US-11
12. JENSEN, Orjan, E-19
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Bjorn injured during his trip to West Australia
West Australia, September 2002

During his “SEARCH” trip to Australia Bjorn got his left foot injured. While hunting fish with a speargun, his spear entered his foot under the left ankle and came out at the small toe. Due to this injury Bjorn will not participate in Sylt.

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World Speed Sailing Record Attempt

Fuerteventura, August 2002

Interview with Bjorn about his World Speed Sailing Record Attempt.

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World Speed Sailing Record Attempt
Fuerteventura, August 2002

12 times World Champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck is challenging the world speed sailing record using custom built windsurf equipment, shaped by Carlos Sosa with sails provided by NeilPryde.

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Grand Slam in Pozo
Pozo Izquierdo - Gran Canaria, July 2002

Successful Team Proof: Bjorn second in Wave, Orjan fifth in Wave and twelfth in Freestyle. Watch the highest rated jump of the whole contest: Orjan´s incredible double loop.

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Bjorn´s wedding

Gran Canaria, June 29 th 2002

He did it! Bjorn married his fiancé Maria.
Have a look at the wedding ceremony.

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June 2002 - what a month!

Gran Canaria, June 2002

What an incredible month we had: 30 days of strong wind. No day to rest. Have a look!

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After Worldcup Session in Vargas

Vargas, May 2002

Proof Teamrider enjoying wind and waves in Vargas
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PWA Canarian Wave Grand Prix in Vargas

Gran Canaria, Vargas 8. April - 14. April 2002

Pure down the line sailing in Gran Canaria!! This year we had a mobile wave contest, something all the windsurfers have been talking about for years.

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  A day at the beach  
Pozo, March 2002

Bjorn Dunkerbeck at work.

He has to do some foto shooting and he realy enjoys it.
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New Freestyle Boards  
Freestyle Wave:
Freestyle Wave 250x57 - 95 liter
For more information click here

Freestyle Line:
Freestyle 254x60 - 105 liter,
Freestyle 258x60 - 115 liter,
For more information click here

  Airtime in Pozo Izquierdo  
Pozo, February 2002

Bjorn, Orjan and Jonas going off.
Thrilling photo sequences!
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New Waveboards  
Down the line Waveboard:
Wave Special 242x52 - 68 liter
Wave Special 258x60 - 108 liter
For more information click here

Lightwind Waveboard:
Ripline 260x61 - 108 liter, for heavy windsurfer
For more information click here  
Follow Bjorn and his friends on their journey to undiscovered and exotic surf spots. 

A new web page full of stories and pictures!
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Holidays in Austria  
Austria, December 2001

Bjorn and Gerald do some carving in the snowy mountains of Austria
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  Surf Action in Pozo Izquierdo  
Pozo, November 2001

Bjorn, Orjan and Dario
training for the new saison!
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PWA 2002 World Tour Calendar  
See the PWA 2002 World Tour Calendar (February 2002)   click here

  Interview with Bjorn October 2001  
Bjorns resumee of the 2001 saison.
After winning the 2001 Worldchampion title, what are his future plans?
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Michael Viscovich D-0 Danish Champion!  
Proof Teamrider Michael Viscovich wins Danish Overall Champion 2001 at Klitmoller.
His rankings: Champion Freestyle, Second Wave, Champion Overall.
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  Danish Freestyle Cup in Klitmøller, Denmark  
Klitmøller, 20.10.2001

Proof Teamrider Michael Viscovich D-0

wins the First Danish Open Freestyle Cup 2001
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Danish Wave Cup in Klitmøller, Denmark  

Klitmøller, 19.10.2001

Michael Viscovich D-0 - Team Proof second behind Robert Sand at the First Danish Open Wave Cup 2001

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  For the 7 th time: Bjorn wins the Wave Worldcup!  
Congratulation to Bjorn on his 7th Wave World Champion title.
Congratulations also to our young Proof Team for their great Overall results:
    11 VISCOVICH, Michael, D-0
    12 JENSEN, Orjan, E-19
    16 SANCHEZ, Jonas Ceballos, E-40
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PWA Irish Wave Grand Prix 2001  
October 14th: And he did it again!
Bjorn Dunkerbeck, E-11, becomes PWA Wave Worldchampion 2001, defeating Kevin Pritchard, US-3, Jason Polakow, Ka-1111 and Vidar Jensen, N-44.

Wave Men´s Final Results Ireland 2001  click here
Wave Women´s Final Results Irland 2001  click here

  PWA World Cup Sylt   24.9. - 1.10.2001  
Waiting for the wind
Worldcup prolonged till October, 1st. In the final Jason Polakow (KA-1111) defeats Scott Mc Kercher (KA-181). Vidar Jensen (N-44) leads the worldcup.
Wave Men´s Final Results Sylt 2001  click here
Wave Women´s Final Results Sylt 2001  click here

Latest Action in Gran Canaria!  
September 14th and 15th: First Winter Swell hits Gran Canaria!
Bjorn, Orjan, Jonas and Gerald are having fun in Juan Grande - off shore/down the line.
See them riding the logo high sets    click here

  Results PWA Worldcup Fuerteventura 2001  
Freestyle Men´s Final Results Fuerteventura 2001   click here
Freestyle Women´s Final Results Fuerteventura 2001   click here

Results PWA Worldcup Pozo 2001
Wave Men´s Final Results Pozo 2001   click here
Wave Women´s Final Results Pozo 2001   click here
Freestyle Men´s Final Results Pozo 2001   click here
Freestyle Women´s Final Results Pozo 2001   click here

  PWA World Cup Pozo/Gran Canaria 2001  
Bjorn kicks them all!
Bjorn Dunkerbeck, E-11, Proof team-rider, wins the wave contest in spectacular style!
Sensational: 19 year old Proof Teamrider Jonas Ceballos E-40 knocked out two of the competition favorites, Francisco Goya, A-211, and Jason Polakow, KA-1111 ... click here

PWA World Cup Vargas/Gran Canaria 2001  
Proof Team beats the Best
Congratulation to the Proof Team!
5 Proof Teamrider under the Top-Ten! ... click here

  Interview with Bjorn Dunkerbeck  
Bjorn rides Proof
Read the exclusive article with Bjorn!
The reason why he's now riding Proof boards! here

Final PWA Ranking Overall 2001  
Ranking Wave Men
Ranking Freestyle Men
Ranking Wave Women
Ranking Freestyle Women