Interview with Bjorn Dunkerbeck

Q: Bjorn, rumour has it that after 15 years of collaboration, you did not sign a new contract with F2 this year. Why?

A: I had a great relationship with F2 for many very successful years. We all know F2 has a new owner this year and a new staff responsable for the brand. This is a good time for me to move on. The new team at F2 needs time to develop their strategies and I wish them every success.

Q: What kind of boards are you going to sail in the future?

A: For the last few years, together with my friend and shaper Carlos Sosa at Gran Canaria, I have part-owned the Customboard company PROOF. Now I have decided that the time is right to sail my own board brand.

Q: What is PROOF and who is behind the company?

A: PROOF produces extremely light and stable boards using Full Custom Technology. The company is owned jointly by Carlos Sosa, Gerald Leikermoser and me. We presently have 12 employees and every one is windsurfer and surfer. Our production capacity is currently around 600 boards a year for our top-of-the-range Worldcup quality boards. Moreover, for many years, PROOF has also been producing boards for many of the world cup windsurfers. Now everyone involved in windsurfing has the opportunity to buy the same top-of-the-range boards. All our boards are Worldcup quality.

PROOF has also created a team of young riders to sail with me. They are:

  • Orjan Jensen E-19 (10th Overall, PWA Freestyle Worldcup 2000),
  • Jonas Ceballos E-40 (Spanish Wave and Freestyle champion 2000),
  • Dario Ojeda E-211 (9th, PWA Waveworldcup Vargas 2001),
  • Michael Viscovich D-0 (9th, PWA Waveworldcup Vargas 2001) and
  • Luke Hargraves KA-25 (Big Wave rider Hookipa & Jaws)

Q: This step seems a little risky for you, is that so?

A: If you don't take any risks in life, you will never win! This year, in the worldcup, I am concentrating solely on the wave discipline. Carlos Sosa has been my successful shaper for many years. Now is the perfect moment to give my support to my own growing company. My idea is that, together with PROOF, we will build the best boards in the world. We will also give many more windsurfers the opportunity to ride the same boards as the Pro's!

Q: Why do you have new sail-colors after 15 years?

A: Blue, white and yellow are the colors of the Canaries and also of my company PROOF. I have lived in Gran Canaria for 23 years now and I'm happy here. By adopting these colors now, I am expressing my unity with the island that has given me so much.

Q: Which are your future goals?

A: To continue to have fun sailing and to get to know new windsurfing spots! I didn't have enough time to do this in past years. Furthermore, nowadays windsurfing has become a much more specialized sport. I intend to concentrate my efforts on my favorite Wave discipline and on becoming Wave World Champion once again.

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