X-Series - designed for windsurfers in search of the perfect mix. The X-Series features a board for almost every sailor, for almost every condition to perform almost everywhere: from waves to flat waters, from high winds to light breezes.

Windsurf enthusiasts will find an X-Series board to suit their style for most "sailworthy" conditions.

The X-Series range is clear and simple. The characteristics of the boards evolve naturally as the models increase in size and volume.

With X-Series we simplify windsurfing: Your skill level, your weight and the conditions you mostly encounter on your favorite spot will guide you to your perfect board that will satisfy most your needs. Guaranteed.


X65 Spanning from proven surfboard design to highly specialized wavesailing equipment filtered by over twenty-five years of experience, the X65 introduces a new compact planshape concept: A wider-than-usual tail combined with a fairly parallel outline and a surfboard inspired nose section. Experience more power and drive, yet enjoy increased snap and supreme control. More fun wavesailing in all conditions "normal" humans dare to encounter. Guaranteed.

X75 You will get "More-Waves-Per-Hour" on the X75 than on any other board. Regardless the conditions Mother Nature throws at you. One man, one board, one globe and all the excitement. It's in the mix. Our new World Tour proven outline concept gives you power, drive and control when you need it and where you want it. No waves? No worry! The X75 doubles as a superb Playboard in all kind of conditions. Explore the possibilities

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Freeride Wave

X85 Windsurfing simplified: The X85 bridges all the different categories traditional windsurfing industry marketing tries to impose on you. It simply does it all. Shred waves. Practice your moves. Challenge your buddies. The X85 serves as a waveboard for heavier sailors and excels as the "all-FREE-categories" board in medium to high winds for all skill levels and body frames. New Dual Stage Vee bottom design with double concave. Early planing. Fast. Maneuverable. Wavy. Easy.

X95 A compact design for real people in real world conditions. Explore wavesailing. Try crazy tricks. Polish your moves. Blaze about the bay. Enjoy windsurfing. All conditions - one board. All sails - one board. All the fun - one board. Featuring our new Dual Stage Vee bottom with subtle double concave. Fast. Smooth. Carving made easy. The simple One-Board-Solution.

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The XSeries Freeride Boards bring the One-Board-Program to lighter winds. They easily handle sails sizes beyond seven square meters, yet the boards are easy to control in a stiff breeze and enjoy sessions in waves. A fast rockerline combined with double concave and our Dual Stage Vee Bottom induce early planing, speed and excellent maneuverability. The one board solution for all intermediate sailors.

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