Proof Test Weeks (No risk and lots of fun)
Bjorn in Pozo

Come to Gran Canaria and try the Proof boards! Stay one week for free at Eugen Dunkerbeck´s windsurf centre Sideshore and ride the Proof board of your choice! We offer you a bungalow (max. 3 persons) and a testboard for free. After your vacation you can take your new Proofboard home with you!

Our offer includes:
  • 1 new Proofboard of your choice (according to our pricelist)
  • 1 week accommodation for maximum 3 persons at the windsurf centre Sideshore in Aguila Playa / Gran Canaria

  • The complete price for the test week - only 1.595 Euro!*

Appartements 'Side Shore'

No risk!
If you, against all odds, are not pleased with your Proof board, you will only have to pay your accommodation and a small fee for the rental of the board.

Interested? Send an email as soon as possible to and check whether your favourite dates still are available. **

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your Gran Canaria vacation:

* This offer is only valid with a purchase of a new Proof board during your stay at Gran Canaria (transport is not included). In case you do not buy a board, we will charge you a board rental fee of 100 Euro per week and the accommodation (406/490 Euro per week - depending on season). This offer is valid till the 17th of December 2005.

** In order to prepare the most suitable Proof Testboard for you, we need the following data:
  • Your weight?
  • Sailsizes that you intend to use with your future Proofboard (biggest/smallest/most favorable)?
  • Where do you normally windsurf (winddirection/wavesize)?
  • What characteristics should your future board contain?
  • When would you like to come? With how many friends?