The Dunkerbeck/Thommen Saga continues with the introduction of the T1 RS-Series.

High-end ‘’Race-Sport’’ boards designed and developed for the most demanding amateurs and professional sailors.

Bjorn and Peter focus on Performance, Speed, Control, Maneuverability and Value. Adrenaline rush guaranteed. Your skills will be the only limiting factor.


RS 55 & 60 High-end Slalomboards for the people who really want to go fast. Every detail of these boards is designed to give you the real slalom feeling. The incredibly stiff and light boards explode under your feet and leed you to speed dimensions, you have never experienced before. The optimized E11 rockerline and the innovative Cut-Out Tail give you maximum grip and control even in extreme situations.

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RS 65 & 75 Early planing, speed and excellent maneuverability are the items of the RS Cruiser family. Every detail of these boards is designed to give you the best performance in light winds.

The use of high-grade materials and innovative production technologies enables us to produce extremely light boards. With these light boards you will start planning much earlier. Feeling a RS cruiser under your feet, maneuvers will be as easy as just thinking of it.

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