Why choose Proof boards

It's simple! You can now ride the same ultra-light, super-modern shapes as the Pro-Sailors. "Once you have sailed a Proof, you will never sail anything else!"

Carlos Sosa shaped his first board in 1981. He has years of experience shaping for his friend, the 12 times World Champion, Bjorn Dunkerbeck and the other Pro-Sailors. Moreover, Carlos is a top class Windsurfer.

Top Quality: Each of our boards is produced in Full Custom Technology, handmade, using up-to-date technology. Proof-Boards are lightweight and durable constructed.

Ultra-Light Weight: The use of high-grade materials and innovative production technologies enable us to produce extremely light boards. Lightweight boards plane earlier and maneuver more easily.

Maximum Stiffness: Due to the needs of our Pro-Riders, by using a combination of high-class materials and an innovative construction body, we provide maximum stiffness of our boards. Even super jumps of Björn (96 kg) in Pozo with wind speed over 50 knots could do no harm to the boards.

Worldcup-Proof: Proof produces some of the best boards in the world. They simply must be to satisfy the demands of the world's top professional sailors, many of whom live and sail right here in Gran Canaria. Our customers are always assured of the most up-to-date shapes and designs. These are the same boards as are sailed every day by the world's best sailors.

Actual Shapes: Our clients are not the test riders for the shaper, thanks to the directions from professional riders we are able to put the board improvements straight into the production. As our boards are hand made we don't have to wait for the next season to put the improved shape details into the board production, it can be made straight away.

Design: There are five different design options to choose from, in five different colors. You can also choose a different colour for the top of the board and for the bottom & rails

Equipment: Every Proof windsurfing board we sell includes our unique antislip system, special designed footstraps and pads, mastprotector and a handmade fin.

Attractive Price: At Proof, we use only the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques. Organized Full Custom Technology (OFCUT) manufacturing systems enable us to achieve high levels of production efficiency and thus offer you our boards at an very attractive price.

Delivery to your door in just one week: All board models in stock in the Proof Shop, awaiting your choice of color and design. DHL will then deliver to your door in just one week. All deliveries are 100% insured. You can even follow the progress of your board over the Internet on DHL's package tracking system.

Range of Boards

We at Proof produce boards for every rider and for every situation. We not only categorize our boards into Wave, Freestyle and Freeride. We also look at the conditions (wind and waves) the boards are going to be used in. This helps you to find the best board for your needs.

That does not mean that a specific board has only one field of use. With a change of trim (fin, sail) the Proof boards will open you a wide spectrum of use. With every board you will find a grafic showing you the range of use.

By telling us your body weight and the range of sails you want to use, we can easily find the ideal board for you.

Rip Line = plans early, loose, wider shape
Wave Line = fast wave board, 100 % control
Wave Special = down-the-line waveriding

Freestyle Wave = small Freestyle Board
Freestyle Line = classic Freestyle Board
Freestyle Move = lightwind Freestyle Board

Super-X = "All in one": Freeride-Slalom-Freestyle

Wave = "go everywhere" Wave Board
Freeride Wave = symbiosis of Freeride and Wave Board
Freeride = easy Play Board

Slalom = fast Slalom Board
Cruiser = medium to lightwind Speed Cruiser


Speed = Speed Machines

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