We sell our Speedboards

You have the possibility to buy an Original Proof T1 Speedboard.

Technical data

A completely with carbon laminated body makes the Speed boards not only extra light and stiff but also super fast!

Model 35:
Length: 244 cm
Width: 35
Bottom: concave
Model 40:
Length: 244 cm
Width 40 cm
Bottom: concave
Model 45:
Length: 244 cm
Width 45 cm
Bottom: concave

All boards:
Weight: between 4,4 kilos and 4,8 kilos
Mastbox from tail: 127 cm
Finbox from tail: 8 cm
Backfootstrap from tail: 25 cm & 27 cm (2 pos.)
Distance between footstraps (wider): 42,5 cm and 45 cm (2 pos.)
Distance between footstraps (closer): 40 cm and 42,5 cm (2 pos.)

Finbox: Tuttle (optional Powerbox)

You have the choice among the original T1 Graphic Design (photo) or the six different Proof designs with six different colors (blue, white, green, orange, yellow, silver). The pads may be black or white. For detailed information click "Design" on the left menue bar.

Date of measuring: April 2004

Price New (including pads, straps, taxes, transport & insurance): 1795,- Euro (no fin) / Ordertime 7 weeks.

Cash&Carry Price at Shop in Gran Canaria: 1475,- Euro.

Price of the used boards from the speed attempt (including pads, straps, taxes, transport & insurance): 1390,- Euro.

(no fin included)