RS Slalom

   Rider:  Dunkerbeck
 Choose your board:    RS 55    RS 60    Carbon Lamination       High-end Slalomboards. Special E-11 Slalom rocker and new cut-out tail for maximum speed, control and grip. A completely with carbon laminated body makes the RS slalom boards not only extra light and stiff but also super fast!

For information about the construction of the board click "Technology".


You have the choice among the original T1 Graphic Design (photo) or the six different Proof designs with six different colors (blue, white, green, orange, yellow, silver). The pads may be black or white. For detailed information click "Design".

The board comes with footpads, straps and sailsticker.

Width Length Weight1 Volume Sandwich Recommended Fin2 Sail-size
55,0/21.5‘‘ 245/8‘0‘‘ 4.9 kg 80 l H-80 32,0 or 34,0 or 36 cm 5,0 - 6,2 qm
60,0/23.7‘‘ 2474/8‘1‘‘ 5.6 kg 90 l H-80 34,0 or 36,0 or 38 cm 5,5 - 7,2 qm

1 Due to manual production, board weight may differ +/- 4%
2 optional, we recommend Select or North Shore fins

Cut-out Tailshape
General Shape Details
Scoop/Rocker Line: E-11 Slalom Rocker  Finbox Center
  (from tail):
16,6 / 6.5‘‘
Volume &
Deck Contour:
domed from nose to tail,
almost flat center section, low shoulder rails
  Mastbox Center
  (from tail):
132,0 / 52.0‘‘
Bottom Contour: single to double concave to panel vee with bevels; bevels parallel to outline from widepoint to nose and parallel to centerline from widepoint back   Pos. Backstrap
  (from tail):
19,0 / 7.5‘‘
Railshape: low shoulder rails   Pos. Frontstrap
  (from tail):
75,0 / 29.5‘‘
Tail: cut out tail   Width Footstrap: 14,5 / 5.7‘‘
Nose: medium wide   Type Finbox: Tuttlebox

Length Width Tail1 Nose1
245/8‘0‘‘ 55,0/21.5‘‘ 35,5/14.0‘‘ 35,0/13.8‘‘
247/8‘1‘‘ 60,0/23.7‘‘ 38,3/15.1‘‘ 36,8/14.5‘‘

1 One foot off

Due to manual production and permanent improvement of the shapes, the above measure may differ.