Freestyle Wave


 Tailshape Freestyle Wave
 Board = Freestyle & Wave Onshore

  Small freestyle board which is planning very early. Combines the advantages of a freestyle and a waveboard.

Ideal for flat water, light wind wave or onshore wave.

For information about the construction of the board click "Technology".

You have the choice among six different designs and seven different colors (blue, white, green, orange, yellow, silver,red). The pads may be black or white. For details click "Design".


The board comes with fin (optional fs/os), footpads, straps and sailsticker

Width Length Weight1 Volume Sandwich2 FR-Fin3 Sail-size Body-weight4
59/23.2 242/711 5,6 kg 90 l H-80 19,0/7.50‘‘
4,7 - 6,2 qm < 75 kg

1 Due to manual production, board weight may differ +/- 4%
2 H-100 Sandwich: stronger; H-80 Sandwich: lighter.
3 Proof Fin, choose freestyle or wave-onshore.
4 By using smaller sails (with stronger wind) the smaller boards will allow riders with more weight!

General Shape Details
Scoop/Rocker Line: constant rocker with soft "V"  Finbox (from tail): 12,0 / 4.8‘‘
Volume: constant volume from nose to tail   Mastbox (from tail): 123 / 48.4‘‘
Outline: constant curve from nose to tail   Pos. Backstrap (from tail: 24,0 & 26,5 / 9.4‘‘ & 10.4‘‘
Railshape1: medium = early planning, loose   Distance to Frontstrap: 40,5 & 43,0 / 15.9‘‘ & 16.9‘‘
Tail: square with "anti catch kick"   Width Footstrap: 15,0 / 5.9‘‘
Nose: square   Type Finbox: Powerbox

1 Range of railshapes: soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-hard, hard.
2 With two backstraps: 22,5/8.85‘‘ and 25,0/9.85‘‘

Width Length Tail1 Nose1 Cross Section2
59,0/23.2‘‘ 242/7‘11‘‘ 39,0/15.4‘‘ 36,5/14.4‘‘ 10,0/3.9‘‘

1 One foot off
2 Maximum volume, thickest point

Due to manual production and permanent improvement of the shapes, the above measure may differ.